Issue 2 – Queensland

Welcome to the second issue of Backyard, an online photography magazine. Backyard showcases the work of photographers who love to explore and capture their neighbourhoods. After a fantastic response to our inaugural London issue we’re now visiting Queensland, Australia. This issue has been curated by Backyard co-founder Mark Burton and Queensland photographer Man Cheung, who is currently based in London. We’ve deliberately stayed away from the typical stereotype of kangaroos, sun, surf and beaches. Queensland might be a relatively new state in a new country, but it’s a much more complex place than the mirage created by the tourist industry and beer commercials. In fact, the theme that has emerged from this issue is one of history. In part, this is because the majority of the people portrayed are from an older generation. However, after looking at the work in this issue we hope you will have seen ‘history’ portrayed in different ways. There is the rich sense of history migrants bring from their homeland; there are the personal and familial histories of Queenslanders; there is an international perspective with a look back to the Second World War and there is of course the ancient (and contemporary) history of the … Read More

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40 Minutes From Town

Isaac Brown’s intimate portraits of a bereaving family are inter-twined with hauntingly beautiful images of the surrounding landscape. His work is testament to the trusting relationship he built with his in-laws. They have invited him to document their loss while also becoming part of the healing process.

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Swamp Country – My Country

At first glance Michael Aird’s work looks like blokes on a fishing trip. But look again and deeper meanings are revealed. Michael reclaims images of his aboriginal ancestors that were originally taken by European photographers. And the places he goes to fish and camp with his friends have been home to his forefathers for generations.

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Man Cheung’s straightforward, but acutely observed portraits of his old primary school teachers take us on a journey of personal discovery. In the process of creating these photographs he builds a new, adult relationship with the people who once taught him as a child.

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Battle of Brisbane

Did you know there was a Battle of Brisbane between Australian and US serviceman in WW2? With images from the State Library of Queensland and excerpts from a book on the subject by Peter Thompson and Robert Macklin we get an insight into what life was like in Brisbane in the early 1940’s.

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Of Another Time

Ana Paula Estrada’s collection of relaxed portraits document the experiences of the over 70’s in Queensland. Ana photographs her subjects in locations that reveal additional layers about their personality and life experience. These photographs are accompanied by a moving series of interviews in which personal histories become part of Queensland history.

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My Home My History

Anthropologist Suzanne Goopy teamed up with photographers Angela Blakely and David Lloyd to document the experiences of Italian migrants in Australia. This inter-disciplinary project combines different skills, professional practices and insights.

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