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© Man Cheung

Issue Two // Queensland

This issue has been curated by Backyard co-founder Mark Burton and Queensland photographer Man Cheung, who is currently based in London. We’ve deliberately stayed away from the typical stereotype of kangaroos, sun, surf and beaches. Queensland might be a relatively new state in a new country, but it’s a much more complex place than the mirage created by the tourist industry and beer commercials.

© George Plemper

Issue One // London

For the first issue of Backyard we kept it close to home and selected work based in and around London. It was curated by photographer and co-founder of Backyard, Mark Burton, who is a passionate supporter of local and community-based photography projects. Issue One featured fantastic work from Jonathan Goldberg, Katherine Green, George Plemper, David Solomons, Paul Tucker and Graeme Webb.

© Mark Burton

Teaser Issue

The preview issue of Backyard was a pre-launch edition, designed to give an idea behind the ethos of the magazine. It featured a a photographic project currently in development. As well as being a great example of backyard photography, it also gives an insight into the creative process and the serendipity close to home.